Black & white will always be a classic; a colour combination that isn’t dictated to by changing seasons, it has a timeless, elegant appeal.  Fresh, modern updates of this stylish palette have continued to feature on runways this season and it was a key look at Maison et Objet. Read on to find out what we could offer you to create the perfect monochromatic scheme.

Black and white often gets a bad rap. Despite its virtues, monochrome is often seen as cold and uninviting when used in interiors, and perhaps best reserved for commercial spaces such as art galleries and minimalist hotels. Living with a monochrome palette may not be to everyone’s taste, but with careful design, monochrome schemes can be just as pleasing to the eye as colour; delivering striking contrast, richness and warmth through elements such as architectural features, luxurious textures, couture detailing, strong print and a touch of colour.

With careful design, monochrome schemes can be just as pleasing to the eye as colour

The key to creating a successful monochrome interior is allowing one colour to be the dominant partner in proportion to the other. It ensures the palette is more comfortable on the eye and will produce a more balanced space.

The absence of colour can provide a beautiful route to a calm and restful interior

Use neutral accents to layer the space against a black and white background.  This works particularly well in bedrooms and living spaces where a subtler palette may be required to achieve a calming atmosphere.

custom upholstery, multi sizes.

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The epitome of classic chic

When it comes to design, keeping it simple is often key to achieving an elegant finish. With careful consideration, teaming black and white can have a stunning effect, and is the epitome of classic chic.