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  1. BARDEM (140/180cm Ceramic) Dining Table
    As low as RM762.00
  2. BAYLEE+ (130/175cm Rubberwood) Dining Table
    As low as RM466.00
  3. BERRY Umbrella Holder (PG CLEARANCE)*
    As low as RM50.00
  4. BOVINE (210cm EasyClean / Leathaire+) Sofa with 2 Bolster Pillows (READY STOCK OFFER)
    As low as RM1,799.00
  5. CAMARA PP (PP Rattan) Stackable Armchair (SALE)
    As low as RM156.00
  6. CAMARA PP (PP Rattan) Stackable Stool (SALE)
    As low as RM75.00
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