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Smart Desk 

 ERGONOMIC Chamfered Top

Meet EROS.



Power-Outlet Embedded Smart Desk.

EROS is the ultimate sit-to-stand smart desk that adds an electric lift to your day. With embedded power outlet (power track / pop-up socket) right on table top, connecting your multi devices to power has never been easier!

Why Stand?

7 Benefits of A Standing Desk

Precision electric height adjustment


Take back control. Exacting needs means being able to choose your preferred desk height for what you do, down to the centimeter / inch. 

Height Adjustment



Lifting System

Dual Motor   



3 custom heights


Max Weight




3+2 years*

STEP 1:  Select Power Option

Option A: Power Track

EUBIQ Aluminum Track 
2 Colour Options: Black / Silver

Simple PUSH & TURN for Power ON.

Beautiful BLUE light rim when power ON

Comes with 2 universal adaptors by default. Fit up to 5 adaptors max. Add on for more

Tested safe and last beyond 15,000 operating cycles under normal usage condition. 

IP54 water resistant tested and approved.

More than a decade of reliability, safety and global recognition

Option B: Pop Up Socket

Push to reveal, push to hide

1 x Wireless Charging Pad in Tempered Glass finish (Top)

3 x Universal Adaptor (Side)
2 x USB 18W Quick Charge 3.0 Port (Side)

1 x Universal Adaptor (Bottom)

STEP 2:  Select Table Top Size

STEP 3:  Select Table Top Material & Colour

RUBBER WOOD  Thickness: 25mm

Solid. Natural beauty & warmth.

5-Layer Coating

Easy Grip Handles Underside

Chamfered Edges


Durable, water and scratch resistant - even as good as solid wood!

Meticulous Finish

Rounded Corner

No Formaldehyde




STEP 4:  Select Table Frame Colour

Without sacrificing your under desk space, the industrial-forged thickened leg and widened feet maximize the surface area contacting the ground, locking entire construction into place. Our solid rigid steel build ensures that the whole construction remains completely strong and stable.

STEP 5:  Add-On Accessories

I. EUBIQ Power Adaptors (for Power Track model only)

per power track can fit 5 power adaptors max. With every purchase of power-track-embedded smart desk, 2 universal power adaptors are included by default.

II. Monitor Mount

III. Other Accessories

What Comes with Each Set:
1. DUAL Linear Actuator

2 Motors (Linear Actuator)

Premium Quality Motors from Germany

3+2 Years on Motor & Control Panel*
3 Years on other parts

Quiet Movement < 48db

Rapid Speed 35-38mm/s. Stable wobble-free movement in under 10 seconds

Anti-Collision System: Stop elevating / lowering desk top from crashing into another item

What Comes with Each Set:
2. Control Panel

What Comes with Each Set:
3. Cable Management Net

Serves as a pouch that keeps all cables neat, tidy & hidden!

What Comes with Each Set:
4. Desk Feet (4pcs)


Rubberised circular-based feet and a weight distribution levelling studs system ensuring maximum stability.

What Comes with Each Set:
5. Assembling + Delivery service*

for radius 30km from our showrooms. For other parts of Peninsular Malaysia, free flat pack shipping via CITYLINK.

Tool-free assembling!

Kindly refer to manual instructions or this link for video tutorial on YouTube.

Pre-drilled inserts, screws and allen key provided for hassle-free assembling. No additional tools required.

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