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Bed Frames

Bed frames we make have a sturdy base that stands on its own, unlike the conventional bedsteads, its base (disregard slatted or fully covered) is only supported by thin ledges on its side rails. Insufficient support in the middle of bedstead beds will cause the base to bend or even worse, break over time as you stand, jump or yes even sit on your mattress.

A one or two-piece wooden bed base with mattress sits on top of it. Most divan bed bases above 3ft-3.5ft (single/ super single) are usually split into two allowing easy access to all properties. There is a possibility of mattress sliding off if mattress isn't heavy enough to hold on its position should there be big movements in the bed.

Divan with edge raised
Like divan bed, it is a one or two-piece wooden bed base with mattress sits on top of it. The only difference is we add 1-inch edge (length and height) around the divan that serves as a fence to block your mattress from sliding off. Custom request for higher/thicker edge is possible.

Unlike divan bed that normally comes in one or two similar pieces, a panel bed has its components individually: headboard, footboard, connected by side rails and base sits right in the middle.

Our beds are mostly custom made, you may send us your requirements, and we shall revert on its feasibility.

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  1. FREDRIK Bed Frame (Queen/King CUSTOM)
    As low as RM1,520.00
  2. Patricia Urquiola HUSK (Queen/King) Bed Frame (CUSTOM replica)
    As low as RM1,845.00
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